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120724 Strong Heart – The Inkigayo incident (What really happened)

Well, mungkin beberapa dari kita masih inget kira-kira setahun yang lalu saat Suju lagi gencar-gencarnya promo Mr. Simple, mereka seperti biasa menang di berbagai program musik kayak M!Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank, juga SBS Inkigayo, dan dalam sebuah episode SBS Inkigayo mereka lagi-lagi menang, tapi saat itu anehnya biarpun menang ekspresi para member tuh nggak se-cerah mereka yang biasanya. Banyak yang berspekulasi sih, mulai dari pertengkaran antar member, sampe Eunhyuk oppa mengalami cedera. Nah, misteri dibalik mendungnya ekspresi para member saat itu akhirnya terungkap di Strong Heart yang menayangkan Shindong dan Kyuhyun sebagai bintang tamu beberapa hari yang lalu.

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Kyuhyun’s part:
During the 5jib Mr Simple promotions, there was one day after recording, before broadcast, they were playing a “what will someone do to me when I do this to someone” game. So that day everyone was playing in the waiting room. At that time, Kyuhyun sprayed water on Leeteuk who was sleeping. When Leeteuk asked who did it, Kyuhyun just smiled, Donghae said it wasn’t him. So Kyuhyun smiled and admitted that it was me. Then Leeteuk got angry and hit Kyuhyun head, and after saying that he was a bad guy, hit his head again. Victoria was also there (it was on the day they had the joint special stage) After Kyuhyun got hit on the head twice, he almost cried, and said “How could you do this to me? Even if I did something bad, you still shoudn’t have done that to me.” Then Leeteuk apologised to Kyuhyun, said, “Kyuhyunah, I’m sorry.” But Kyuhyun replied “I don’t feel like talking to you now” then went upstairs to calm down. When he came down after 30 minutes, he was Leeteuk sitting on the stairway, not having a leader’s poise at all. But Kyuhyun just kept it in and walked away. When they won first place, Leeteuk wanted Kyuhyun to say the acceptance speech, but Kyuhyun said that he didn’t want to say it. Kyuhyun had actually prepared a touching thank you speech, but he didn’t want to say it. So Eunhyuk took over the mic and said it instead, then after that Sulli continued by asking everyone to prepare for their encore.
Eunhyuk’s part:
During that day of our joint stage, Luna’s leg was injured, and she was sent to the hospital, so the mood already wasn’t good. But Donghae didn’t notice the atmosphere and still played around. At that time, after preparations were done Leeteuk had a blanket over him and was sleeping. Donghae kept playing, Leeteuk asked him to stop it but Donghae still… So Leeteuk started getting angry. After playing twice, when Donghae was still wondering whether to continue playing, Kyuhyun came in, and sprayed water on Leeteuk face. Then Leeteuk got really angry. But he thought that it was Eunhyuk so he raised his voice at him. Then Eunhyuk thought that Leeteuk thought he was very easily bullied, and started crying.
Leeteuk’s part:
Victoria was also there, at that time Leeteuk even had his clothes off, they still kept playing around (asks if Victoria remembers it, but Victoria said when Luna was sent to the hospital she was resting and watching the monitor) Leeteuk hadn’t even worn his top and pants properly but they kept playing. When they sprayed water on his face, he thought that they spat on him. And when they sprayed the second time, he was sure it was Eunhyuk. Donghae said it wasn’t him, Eunhyuk even cried. So in a moment of impulse he hit Eunhyuk, but Eunhyuk loudly said “It wasn’t me!” Right after that Kyuhyun was still smiling and said it was himself. At that moment he got really angry and hit Kyuhyun, but regretted right after he did it, and cried in the toilet. Kyuhyun said, “Hyung, you shouldn’t tried me like that.” But because of his (Leeteuk’s) pride, he let Kyuhyun walk away. At that time he saw Kyuhyun looking up and crying, and called out his name. But Kyuhyun said he had nothing to say to him.
During the live broadcast, they still have to perform, and say their acceptance speech. But Eunhyuk kept hanging his head down. Leeteuk didn’t know what to do, and wanted to let Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun make the speech. Leeteuk told Eunhyuk to do it, but Eunhyuk said, “Why do I have to do it?” So when they received the award, the atmosphere became awkward. Eunhyuk still professionally/routinely said the speech, and during the final interview, the members also clapped very superficially. They weren’t like their usual lively selves, Leeteuk said they cannot be like that.
Shindong added, that day he was the one who cried the most. Kyuhyun agreed. They day he got awoken by the sound of fighting, and didn’t know what was going on. At that time tghe manager even recorded a video of the happenings. And Shindong alone, went to advise and comfort everyone. Before they went on stage, he still said, if they got first place, he told Donghae who was beside him to smile, smile, smile. At that time he was very angry, thinking “What am I doing?!” And burst out at the members, “What are you guys doing?! This is a programme!” And sprayed water at the members, but he accidentally sprayed it on Yesung instead… Then Yesung got angry (how could he do this to a hyung) Yesung didn’t do anything wrong so he angrily shouted, “What have you done to your hyung?!”
Eunhyuk continued, on that day there was still Dream Team recording. When I got first place, my tears were falling. When I was running, I really thought of the members.
Aigo, aneh-aneh aja ya oppadeul. Akibat keseringan becanda tuh. Mungkin waktu itu si leader lagi capek banget makanya sensitif, dan melihat keisengan si Donghae maka bergejolaklah darah ke-evilan si Kyu! Tapi lucunya kok malah si Eunhyuk sih yang jadi tersangka? Itu sih gara-gara dia juga salah satu member terusil, sih. Muahahahah~ 
Credit : Chinese Translation: Vicky TOT 
Translate To English by @kikiikyu 
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