Kamis, 11 Juli 2013


Heenim ultahnya kemaren tapi baru sempet nge-post di blog hari ini, mianhaeyo oppa... Maklum kemaren lagi (sok) sibuk mode on! XD


Happy birthday, Super Junior's mood-maker!
My pretty boy!
My handsome oppa!
Seems like it was yesterday ELF cried because of ur sudden decision to went to the army but now 2 years are almost past already...
and u did these 2 years well, u make us really proud and we know this waiting is worth,
can't wait to see u again!
Happy Heenim Day!

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Senin, 08 Juli 2013

130706 SS5SG Eunhyuk's Message to ELF about ZhouMi and Henry

cr: 转载注明 你好我的爱www.eunhae.cn

Well, selesai konser SS5 SG kemaren Eunhyuk oppa sengaja naik ke stage lagi untuk menyampaikan pesan pada para ELF mengenai Henry dan Zhoumi. here's the link...

See, once again SJ said that Henry and ZhouMi indeed are not member of SJ, they're official member of SJ-M, but they're a part of Super Junior's family.
Henry and ZhouMi will never be official member of SJ, they will never ruined SJ's formation, so i can't see where's the problem...
Come on ELF, just support Henry and Zhoumi and love them as much as we love SJ's member!
SJ and Henry-ZhouMi have through years together, so we don't have any reason to hate them..
and if u're ELF, please just remember the meaning of PROM15E to 13ELIEVE!

Btw u did it well EunHyukkie oppa..

Jumat, 05 Juli 2013


10 years ago I thought I had so many friends and I will never be alone

  5 years ago I found that I had some best friends and I could share anything and they were always there

  But today I just feel I have nothing but myself to rely on...

Kamis, 04 Juli 2013


Eomma sama appa baru kemaren pulang dari Palembang, dan walaupun udah bertahun-tahun tinggal jauh dari mereka tetep aja aku nggak terbiasa. Sedih, sepi, huhuhu~~

Tinggal jauh dari orang tua itu asli nggak enak. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang yang belum pernah merasakan nggak bakal ngerti sih, but yeah...there's no better place in this world than home and parents are the best gift God ever gives to me. Mom, Dad, i love u and i miss u. I promise to see u soon!

Senin, 01 Juli 2013


July 1st 2013
Just like years before this special day has come again...
Happy birthday Super Junior's leader!
Memang saat ini kau tengah jauh dari gemerlap light stick dan lampu stage
tapi sinar itu, sapphire blue ocean, bersinar setiap saat untukmu!

We're still here in the same spot u left
and we'll still here untill the day u come again!


Photo source : Nate