Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012


Be well! ^^ 
Be healthy! 
I will be back soon! wait just a little while!

Write many letters to me! 
So I wont be lonely!! ^_^ 

Our fans that I love...!! 
Thank you for working hard to give me support all these time!!! 
The fans who has been waiting since dawn too!! 
Its cold so don't catch a cold!!!
 I will miss you and want to see you the most!!!! 
Can't cry.. 

121030 Finally the day has come!
Ready or not, it's our time to let him go...
Our leader, our brother,
see u two years later!

Leeteuk's twitter acc @special1004 
Tweet trans by @NkSubs @teukables 
fanart by 奈乄奈

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