Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

#HappyKanginDay \(^o^)/

It will be Kim Youngwoon's birthday in 2 hours(.) It will be spent inside the airplane this yearㅋㅋ Anyway.. Youngwoon-ah(,) Happy last twenties birthday(.) I hope that you will become a even more handsome adult(,) more handsome man(,) more handsome son and more handsome Kanginnie(.) The girlfriend that you want as a present.. I won't be able to give it to you this year too(,) sorryㅜㅜcongratulations ^^

 Once again happy birthday Youngwoonnie oppa
our Korean No. 1 handsome guy!
Getting older getting sweeter, all the best for u,
and we love u just like what we said yesterday
and we'll always do, tomorrow and forever!

Tweet trans by : @teukables

2 komentar:

Elsawati Dewi mengatakan...

hadir untuk mengucapkan "happy birthday" :)

KYUNEE mengatakan...

hehe..iyaa wktu itu Kangin oppa ultah, chingu ^^