Kamis, 04 April 2013

Happy Hyuk Day \(*o*)/

Eunhyuk's Twitter update :

Uhahahahahahahahahahahaha it's (my) birthday (my) birthday  

 Thank you ADIDAS!!!!!


  World ELF!!!! And everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, thank you~ I wil now be leaving Korea to go film T-T I will go and return safely!!!!!

Donghae Twitter Update :

Happy Birthday to EH !!^^
Love ya man !! Anchovy!!

Shindong's Twitter Update :

 Eunhyuksshi! Happy Birthday~~~^^ kk

Eunhyuk's reply to Shindong :

Thank youuu!!!! The one in the middle looks like a cool Parisien

Wow, Happy Birthday Myeolchi oppa!
Super Junior's forever dancing machine,
Super Junior's mood maker,
Wish u all the best and we love u!

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