Jumat, 02 Desember 2011


Wuaduuuh, telat banget aku baru mau ngepost soal ini sekarang soalnya kemaren ada sedikit kesalahan teknis *nggak ada yang nanya yang pasti sekali lagi congratulation for my boys; Singapore's Choice Award, Best Male Group and Album of The Year!

MAMA 2011 Red Carpet

Raih penghargaan tertinggi, Disc Daesang

Teuk's full trans spech at MAMA 2011 :
Hi Singapore, Thanks for accompanying us through our fabulous 20s Thanks a lot, we've been through a lot. The members who have stuck together through all odds and the ones who are not present right now who might be watching TV, or our friend now living far away. I love you. When no one approved or supported us, when no one knew us, making us the best The world's best fanclub, as fans, making us feel "important", ELF from all over the world. Thank you guys once again. We SuperJunior were always the ugly duckling, until the day the ugly duckling became a swan. THanks to Lee Soo Man, Kim Young Min, (another name) and xxx seonsaeng-nim for helping us write Sorry Sorry. THank you. SuperJunior's mentors —— (lists 6 names) Thank you guys from the pit of my heart. Perhaps this is the last award ceremony we will attend before we recruit into the army, it was an unforgettable award giving ceremony. In the future, we will continue to be SuperJunior who will always work hard. Thank you.

You Shouldn't to say thanks, oppa..
Because actually we're the one who have to say thanks and to be thankful
Thanks for letting me now how beautiful you are
Thanks for giving me a new family called ELF 
Thanks because you're the leader of SUper Junior!
I Love you ^^

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