Senin, 17 September 2012


Masih mau nge-post beberapa photo liburan Kyu-Hyuk-Wook nih! Beneran deh itu 3 bocah lagi kompak banget, happy bener mereka kayaknya selama selama liburan! hihihi~

Hyuk's tweet: Its already the last day of our Greece vacation!!!!! V!!!!! MYKONOS

Wine Time ~~^^ At Santo Wine watching sunset while tasting (wine)~♥

  let's drink wine ~~♥in (this) ambience.. Ye~><

Everlasting... sun .. sea .. sunset .. wine .. white & blue days .. ^^ in Greece ~♥

Just as how there's a difference before and after you go to the toilet.. Just as how there's a difference before and after you borrow money... There's a difference before and after you eatㅋㅋ In the restaurant Aktaion in Santorini with 80 years of history and tradition! 

 After eating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 And this, just for extra entertainment ^^ Kamari Beach!!

  Kyu's tweet: the gluttony that I cannot stop these days... ㅜㅜ even so(,) its something good(,) what to do... Food(,) clothing and shelter(,) the most important one is food!!! ㅋㅋ

 Kyu's tweet: The last sea bath at Mykonos ㅜㅜ.. I will be back!! Gialos beach~~*

Welcome back to Korea, boys!


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badcloud mengatakan...

waaawww.. itu kyu yang pamer badan????!!! Tumben banget

KYUNEE mengatakan...

hahaha, iyaaaa..aku jg smpt kaget pas liat photo ituuuu!
Si Kyu mlai ikut2an hyungdeul ih skrg! >.<