Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

Hyesung selects Super Junior as the hoobaes that will last as long as Shinhwa

Shinhwa‘s Hyesung chose Super Junior as the hoobae that will last as long as Shinhwa.

Shinhwa is famous for being the longest-lasting idol group debuting in 1998 and will hit their 15th anniversary next year in March. As Hyesung promotes his solo album ‘Winter Poetry‘, he was recently asked which hoobae group reminds him most of Shinhwa. Hyesung answered, “When I see Super Junior, I get Shinhwa-like vibes from them. I think they’re the hoobaes that will last as long as Shinhwa.” Hyesung chose ‘communication’ as the biggest reason to the longevity for their group.

Super Junior debuted back in 2005 and is currently in their 7th year. They’re one of the few ’2nd generation’ idols that are still intact as a full group. Do you agree with Hyesung that they will last as long as Shinhwa?

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source: AllKpop

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