Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Random Post : DBSJYJ Quotes

Happy Monday, everyone!
Well, iseng aja sih mau nge-post beberapa DBSJYJ Quotes.
 Here we go ^^

friendship doesnt just stop one day because you quit your job and go somewhere else to work..

friendship doesn't just end because you were so close for years and suddenly you can't see each other as much..

friendship doesn't get broken because one of you debuted before the other...

friendship doesn't disappear just because you might've said a few things to hurt each other..

 friends love you even when you're noone..

 and friendship transcends language differences ♥

Huwaah, how i love DBSJYJ!
I wanna see them together again badly, hiks...
Btw DBSJYJ hwaiting!!!

Quotes and all the pics credit to @AllRiseXiahtic

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