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130218 Henry and Zhou Mi Interview with Chosun [Trans]

"這不像是我 完全冷靜不來…."

On 2nd, Hallyu Star Super Junior showed off their unique synchronized dancing while singing in Chinese. Two new faces stood out from the stage. They are Super Junior M unit members Henry (24) and Zhou Mi (27), finally debuting on Korean TV after 5 years since debut. On 18th, they were very happy as they told us "The performance we did in Chinese on a Korean music show has already been spread in Chinese internet sites!"

Sharp look Zhou Mi and pin-up boy style Henry... Their story about how they joined SJM is very unique like their first impression.

(Zhou Mi) "My hometown is Wǔhàn, Héběi Shěng and popular singers among my friends were all Korean singers. I often heard that I looked like H.O.T member Kangta Sunbae-nim since I was in the elementary school. (Laugh) After seeing Korean singers who were great in both singing and dancing, I auditioned for 2007 UCC Audition with "I once lived by your side". I auditioned, thinking that I'd learn something good regardless of becoming a singer or not.. and I passed the audition."

(Henry) "I am a Canadian born in a Chinese family, and raised in Canada. I enjoyed singing and playing instruments but never dreamed about becoming a singer. But my friend said "You will definitely pass" and told me to try auditioning for a global audition that was held in 2006 Toronto. I passed an audition that only selected 2 out of 3,000 people; I surprised even myself."

1 year before debut, their appearance was a hot discussion topic among the sunbaes and hoobaes. (Henry) "When I was still a trainee, I said 'What's going on man? Nice to meet you' to DBSK sunbaenims, just as I have been doing before. But sunbaenims faces turned serious. Haha"

(Zhou Mi) "I taught Chinese to other groups. I taught SNSD's Hyeoyeon, Tiffany, F(x)'s Luna, and many other girl group members after school and fixed their pronunciation. When Super Junior members recorded rap in Chinese, we had to be in the recording room for 12 hours, just to fix their pronunciation."

Zhou Mi has acted in two Chinese dramas, and Henry is also increasing his popularity through movies and recording cable channel cooking program.

When we asked them to score the activities they've done so far, with the maximum score of 100, and they both scored themselves 60 points.

(Henry) "I want to show myself more in Korea. And I also want to perform in countries like Russia, Spain, and Brazil. I received many fan letters asking us to come."

(Zhou Mi) "I want to meet my fans both as an MC and an actor. In Korea."

meaning that they want to fill the 40 points in Korea

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