Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

[Photos] 130509 Jaejoong's Sister Twitter Update

Today... finally. witnessed Joongie's.. first kiss. This~~what's this?? Finally~~both of your love gonna come true??? Joongie really~~ likes it~~Now both of you are gonna make up?? 
(T/N: So it seems cause Hyuna refused to kiss JJ earlier so they making up/reconcile in this photo lol)

 Mom,dad~~congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary<~~Due to being busy.. and sick so there were sisters who unable to come but~~even so we did our best~and came to be their bestman/bridesmaids~^^ I love you mom dad~please always be happy~~and stay healthy~~^^jjok jjok jjok jjok*~~ 
(T/N: *sound of smooches)

 Mom~dad congratulations~~^^ Both of you.. really beautiful and~|cool hehehehehe

During resting time~~%^^ our family members play on our own~well not really~~while Joongie keeps on pestering Hyuna to kiss....in the end Hyuna..didn't even kiss him and.. cause grandpa also blocking... While looking at her uncle~~in midst of kissing her grandpa~^%^ so cute heh (T/N: In Korea, 뽀뽀 ppo ppo means more on light kiss; use for kids)

Aww, Kim Family looks so happy!
Si magnae so sweet banget tuh sama si Hyuna
Mau juga dong jadi ponakannya abang Jae!
Btw congratulation Kim eomma and Kim appa!

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