Senin, 05 November 2012

121102 Sungmin Blog Update: Teukie hyung, are you watching?

Are we youngsters..?Kekeke
We reached Atlanta after 13 hours of flight!
Now, we have to wait for 7 hours and
take another 10 hours of flight…ㅠㅠ Today’s flight was tiring…
Eh ee…I can only upload this now…

The Chile performance ended well..
The first performance without Teukie hyung..
I was nervous and worried..

It’s very~ interesting and well done!!
We’re indeed shiny one stage~
Teukie hyung, are you watching?..

I miss you~
We should tell them about Korea and Korean together!
ㅠㅠWhat a pity.. We’re still not perfect yet~
Come back quickly~Because we’re doing really well!

We’ve been to many places overseas but this is the first time at South America..
Like what I’ve heard, it’s a passionate and cool country.
I would like to go to the other South American countries too!!!
Please find us frequently♥No matter where we go..

Korea, Japan and China fans who are 12 hours ahead of us..
I miss you all so much…I feel like time is moving in an opposite directionㅎㅎ
I’ll come back and greet you all handsomely again tomorow^^

OMG, how the boys miss their leader...
Yeah they did the first performance without the eldest hyung well
Teukie oppa must be really proud and happy..
Super Junior hwaiting!!


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