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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu talks about the end of their legal battle with SM Entertainment

JYJ‘s Junsu discussed his thoughts on the ending of the legal battle with SM Entertainment.

Junsu took part in a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Essen, Germany to mark the ending of his 1st World Tour. He said, “The legal battle lasted for 3 years and 4 months. To be honest, it should have ended earlier… But at the same time I also feel that the results came out suddenly. Having had a hard time for 3 years and 4 months, I felt like that time was not spent in vain… I heard the news when I was leaving for Germany, so I actually don’t know all the details of the settlement.”

He continued, “Because of that, it’s hard to say too much on this. The important thing is that we were able to obtain good results. I haven’t talked to the members yet, but I want to when I get back to Korea.”

When asked about what JYJ has been able to gain from the settlement, he responded, “I’m happy not because we achieved what JYJ or we wanted to achieve, but because we might have helped our hoobaes. I think we helped in making the environment better for our hoobaes. Contracts of 13, 10 years have been changed to basic contracts, and even that alone was consolation during our lonely legal battle. It’swhat kept us going.”

On the issue of appearing on variety shows, he said carefully, “If this type of result allows for us to appear on broadcast, then it should have been possible three years ago when we first filed (to become independent).” He added, “I don’t know if it will be possible for us to appear on variety shows through this result. We always dream about it, but I want to ask all you reporters, do you think we can?“

One unfortunate result of the lawsuit was that there will probably never be a 5-membered TVXQ. On that subject, he said, “A lot of time passed, but one unfortunate fact is that we can no longer have activities under the TVXQ name. We wanted to fight against the company’s unfairness, it wasn’t that we wanted to leave TVXQ. It just had to happen. It’s regretful and saddening. I feel sorry to the fans, but TVXQ’s title will remain forever. But realistically, it’s going to be difficult to promote as TVXQ again.”

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Yeah, setelah melalui proses panjang kasus hukum selama 3 tahun lebih akhirnya JYJ dan SM mencapai kesepakatan untuk mengakhiri semua kontrak. Seneng sih, itu artinya JYJ bisa tampil lagi di berbagai program tv, tapi mau nggak mau harus diakui juga sekarang kemungkinan mereka bisa bergabung lagu dengan HoMin semakin susah. Yeah, emang udah terlalu lama sih, sudah banyak hal yang terjadi, beberapa hal sudah berubah tapi aku cuma masih berharap suatu hari bisa ngeliat mereka lagi sama-sama, berlima. huhuhu~

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