Selasa, 03 Januari 2012


May this 2012 be a delightful year!! Coming back after 60 years, the year of the dragon! Wish this year will be a vibrant and colorful year just like a dragon for you. I keep growing oldㅠㅠ 
_Super Junior Leeteuk_

 E.L.F! Have a happy new year!
_Super Junior Yesung_

 In 2012 i'll be the one who's rich ~♡ It's a joke!! 
_Super Junior Shindong_

In 2012!! Let's also fill each day with only happy things!! 
_Super Junior Sungmin_

 In 2012 let's stay in love ~!! 
_Super Junior Eunhyuk_

 I'm spending the new year with the members ㅎㅎ Jealous?? Have a happy new year with Super Junior!^-^ Be healthy! Just like the East Sea (Donghae)... 
_Super Junior Donghae_

 wish we will be so much in love, thankful, and always together... 
_Super Junior Siwon_

 1](0... What is this?ㅋㅋ I've also posted it on Twitter. "See it upside down" It's a Ryeowook Gag. I love you Happy New Year!!! Love you!
_Super Junior Ryeowook_

 Well.. Let's forget everything in the past and expect brilliant things in 2012... To the rough open field~ let's run away 
_Super Junior Kyuhyun_

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