Kamis, 12 Januari 2012


Rasanya masih nggak percaya Suju bener-bener meraih Disk Daesang! My boys reach it! We did it, and we got it!! 

Kayaknya semalem adalah malam yang bersejarah banget buat para member Suju dan tentu aja buatku dan fellow ELF! Di perhelatan Golden Disk Award yang diadakan di Osaka Jepang, the leader of hallyu wave, Super Junior, meraih total 4 penghargaan. Popularity Award, MSN Jepang Award, Disk Bonsang, dan tentu aja pnghargaan tertinggi Disk Daesang!! 

Proud to say, Suju emang layak ngedapetin semua itu. Mungkin banyak boyband juga artis lain yang juga berbakat, tapi yang aku tahu para member Suju itu selalu bekerja keras, selalu memberikan yang terbaik. They did the best and they got the best!

@special1004 Finally we did it! This is an award that you all created by giving us a happiness as a gift!! Thank you and sorry as always, I'm really happy!4 Awards The most awards ever in Golden's history!To all E.L.F. who worked hard voted for us and gave love to our albums and made memories together with us, I love you 

@special1004 Let's go on writing new history in the future~^^We'll going to run without stopping!!Super Junior is good at everything but there is one thing that we really can't do! And that is breaking up!! There's something that our members don't even know how to do~We'll always show you our new and hardworking image!Please keep on watching over us^^ We are forever~!!

@shfly3424 Golden Disk Award Daesang and won 4 awards .. ELF all over the world has given this awards as a gift, Thank you and love you

@AllRiseSilver Mom I became a champion!! Reeeally~?? This won't work I need to call ELF This~ have this award get it twice get it three times get it four times

 @donghae861015 Super Junior daesang !!!!!!! ELF are the best and I love you !! 4 awards!!!

@donghae861015 I'll work harder^^ Thank you !!I love you!! Super Junior is the best !!ELF is the best!!

@GaemGyu Ey I don't know. Thank you to many people who give us love and E.L.F for giving such a big award to us Super Junior the ugly ducklings. I'm not good with something like this but, I love you

See, they rock it!
i'll tell u many times
Super Junior is my eternal love
ELF is my everlasting family
sapphire blue is my colour
and 13 is my lucky number!

translate by: @sujunesia

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badcloud mengatakan...

Waaaaahhhh.. XD selamat buat anggota suju dan ELF.

paling suka ama kata2-nya kyu-hyung. Sesuatu banget :D

_kyunnie_ mengatakan...

iya, kyu itu kan g romantis kyk donghae klo sama Elf, dia jrg bgt blg i love u kyk gt, hihihi