Kamis, 21 Juni 2012


Yup, tepat hari ini, tanggal 21 Juni, adalah hari ulang tahun eternal magnae kita tercinta!

 photo diambil dari sini

@special1004  Ryeowook ah, happy birthday!!! Hyung was in the first place to message you isn't it? ^^ ㅋㅋ

@Heedictator  ryeowook made me sandwiches as a birthday gift^-^ thank you my ryeowook 

@Heedictator  wait... but it's ryeowook's birthday... why is he giving out gifts!!! he's probably trying to prevent getting the "birthday cake".

**Heechul isn't literally talking about birthday cake in his tweet. "birthday cake" is when someone slams cake onto a person's face during his/her birthday** 

 @AllRiseSilver ryeong-gu happy birthday! your hard working appearance... choco has its attention at you. 

and here's last pic for u of our birthday boy, guys! ^^
photo diambil dari sini

Once again Happy birthday our beloved eternal magnae oppa,
 all the best for u.
 U'll never know how much we love u
 and thanks for being a great chef!
 Ur food is Super Junior's suplement!


Leeteuk's tweet trans by @13elieveSG
Heechul and Eunhyuk's tweet trans by @WorldWideELFs

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