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Saengil chukae hamnida...
..Saengil chukae hamnida
Saranghaneun Heechul oppa..
..Saengil chukae hamnida

Well, kalo biasanya tiap ada member SuJu yang ultah ELF bakal antusias banget nungguin tweet dari si oppa, lengkap dengan photo perayaan ultahnya, kali ini pas di hari ultah Heenim ELF mendapat berita yang kurang mengenakkan. Tepat tadi malam, kurang lebih setengah jam sebelum memasuki tanggal 10 Juli waktu Korea Heenim men-deactive-kan akun twitternya. Dan sebelumnya dia sempat menjelaskan alasan di balik keputusannya tersebut. 

"Don't follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I'd become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can't. Because there's still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I'm scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I'm disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can't just let it off. It's my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi's, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces. Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won't be anymore victims like this.

I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year's time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday."

-T/N: He doesn't mention that it's about sasaeng taxis, but you can infer from the context-

Well, sedih juga sih nggak ada Heenim di twitter lagi, tapi dia nggak ngebuat keputusan tanpa alasan, kan? He's also a human and he needs his privacy live...

I'll wait, just like what i said last year when u went to the army.
Don't u worry and just live ur life well, oppa..
see u in a year
and once again happy birthday to my the one and only
Space Big Star Kim Heechul!

source: Heechul's twitter acc @heedictator
trans by : @AllRiseXiahtic 
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