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[TRANS] 6JIB Thanks To

E.L.F, 2 years will go past quickly! But…you will be waiting right? Its a requestㅋㅋㅋif you go somewhere else(,) I will be angry!!!!!^^

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Now this moment is for you... (singkat seperti biasa, hehehe..)

trans by Sungsu, 
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Thank you for giving so much love to the album that I was waiting and looking forward to as fans! I will repay everyone’s love with even better music in the future!! Stay healthy always! Get well soon and live happily (to his granny ^^ )

Ming's thanks to: I will always happily work hard in activities with my thankful heart. Please keep watching~Be with me, everyone will be happy~♥  

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“The one that dances well but the face is soso…figure is soso…personally is soso…ah…but she dances well…” (He’s talking about hyelim xD)
“Park Sanghyuk PDnim~ I will definitely do Yoo Jihyuk’s solo album’s first stage at Strong heart! — he obviously secretly loves the name i swear “

Credit: @teukables
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Dear father… 
It’s already our 6th album father^^ It’s something I realize everyday, but time really does fly…I’m already 27 years old ^^ I wonder how you’d be like if you were still alive??
 I imagine it everyday!~ You would have a lot of white hair growing out, more wrinkles on your face, and I think you would’ve gained more weight ^^ hehe 
I wonder if I’m becoming more like you as I grow? When I was still little, everyone used to say that we looked very alike when we walk around holding hands… hehe I’ve changed this much and I wonder how much you’ve changed, I miss you, and I want to hug you ^^ 
Sometimes I miss you so much that I think about you and wish that you would appear in my dreams tonight! You’re not sick but healthy right??
(I’m) Going around from one place to another in this world and working hard, so don’t worry !! Even in the future,I will be a son who will work harder and not feel down/exhausted but go further. Thank you for being by my side, holding my hand and keeping me in your arms!!^^ As usual, what I say today while looking at a picture of you… ” I love you father!!”
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It’s already the 6th album. The one who is always watching over us, God, our Father, thank you very much. Also, the person who was given us advice and never ending encouragement, Lee Sooman and the people who have worked hard to produce this album, Super Junior’s team, all the staff, I’d like to thank you all for your hard work. And also, deeply from my heart, I’d like to say thank you to our one love, our companions, ELF. Although we’ve had a lot to do during the past year, I’ve acknowledged the phrase “Our music…and our presence…had given hope and courage to people.” Waiting for us even without seeing the place (where we’re heading?)…To the people who never lose hope and courage and waits for us… I dedicate this album to you. We’ll always be with you. Thank you. I love you 

cr : fuckyeahchoisiwon @ tumblr

Teukie hyung, Heechulie hyung, Hankyungie hyung, Yesungie hyung, Kanginie hyung, Shindongie hyung, Sungminie hyung, Eunhyukie hyung, Donghae hyung, Siwonie hyung, Kibumie, Kyuhyunie, Henry, and Zhoumi hyung, I love you~^^  Mom and dad who I love, thank you for trusting your son and for always supporting me.  I'll be a better son!  The manager hyungs who take care of us night and day~  Pot belly Mang Bang Shin Ki Byungjoonie hyung, Congratulations on your wedding Daebin sama, Jo In Sung Inhwanie hyung, Choi Siwon's manager Junghoonie hyung, Won Dong Sun, Army Yongsun, Jjoonie Joonie Dongjoonie hyung, Cutie my love Ji Changyoung(hyung)^^, Henry's manager Choi Minie hyung (come soon), and Tak sama who's always watching us and has been with us since the first album, stop doing impressions   ㅋㅋㅋ You’ve worked hard during the preparation for the 6th album~Hyungnims!!!  Yoonjung noona who has become our strength and gave us realizations~!!!  Let’s go and eat lamb skewers Hyeyeon noona who looks like Han Ga In.  Plastic surgery beauty Sang ppa thank you to~~  Let’s continue to be together!^^  Plastic surgery beauty Sunginie hyung, weird Hyera, Saemyungie who’ll hate me, Chic Jinjoo, hair Taesungie hyungㅋㅋ, our stylists are suffering a lot too~!!! Hyoeun noona who’s becoming prettier, everyday diet Sia, Hyerim who looks at what other people are doing, thank you^^ Mae teacher, Jungeun teacher, Jungwooie, Songie, Noori hyung, FIX fighting!!!  Jongsukie hyung who always imitates what I’m doing, pretty dongsaeng Hyungsikie who follows what I’m saying, 20 years old Sunyoungie, Sukira Hong chief, Jung Ji Geum, Big flower writer Eunjung noona, Lee Yeon Hee writer Jungeun noona, IU writer Sangeunie thank you!!! Tiffany Sunggil noona, Come back to Suju…Seung Seung Seung Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, heartwarming man manager Im Hyunkyun, call me Sungyongie hyung--^^  Grumbling Seung Jin Sang, Boota Dongwoo hyung ㅋㅋ, Carol, Weiquian noona thank you^^  History Heekyung noona, Bona noona, Jinjoo noona thank you~^^  Lee Soo Man teacher thank you for always complimenting and encouraging me.  Congratulations on your wedding Kim Youngmin C.E.O., goddess of beauty Nam Soyoung director, Step. Down.  Jung.Chang.Hwan!!!ㅋㅋㅋ^^  Hanchoo Han Saemin director~  Kyu line Changmin ah, let’s get a drink!!! Charisma Yoo Young Jin director, my love Yeonjung noona,  Kim Dong Ryul Changhyunie hyung, cute Jinu hyung, Immortal Peter hyung, Young Sky’s the best, a drink Sungjae hyung, quiet Hwanghyun hyung, charcoal boy Kwangwookie hyung, Ha Jung Ho hyung, Jin engineer, Lee engineer, Goo engineer, ahew how were you able to do the mix ㅠㅋ  You’ve suffered a lot~  The best choreographer Sanghoonie hyung, thank you~ the fourteenth member Jaewonie hyung, Immortal Shin’s Family, thank you~ The concept is daebak Heejin noona, thank you~  my Heejoon mom, Lee Jungah noona, kitty Yoonjoo noona also, Ahreum noona, Jenny noona, thank you!!!  Seokgi hyung, Sonyoung hyungnim, Park Joon Young manager, you’ve suffered a lot!~  Jjongsoo Hyerim noona, you are my partner until the day you dieㅋㅋ  Jiyoung noona who looks like Jjongsoo, Junghoon chief who I see at every concert  Lee Jae Won hyung who’s slightly funny,  Sung Yuri Iin noona, beauty three musketeers Eunah noona, Sanghee noona, and Jisun noona, I love you~^^  Bomi noona, Kyungmi noona, Youngwookie hyung I really love you~ Always stay healthy!!!  And I hope there will always be good news!!!  My brother-in-law Giljoo hyung, Kwangminie hyung, and sister-in-law Bumjin also~!!!!!  Yongilie hyung who cheers for me a lot, Pyungwoo hyung, Ara, Youngchanie, Dalmaya, be careful on the streets at night.  Saemah~you stop eating!ㅋㅋ Jinho, Jaewonie, Sunjinah I love you~  Forestar Hyejung noona, Brand New director~ becoming skin handsome man Kim Ryeowookㅋㅋ  Sunmyung noona, Kijungie noona, Dongsungie hyung, the dorm aunts who has hardships everyday~!!!  Lastly, thank you, E.L.F.~  Heart X one miilion^^  

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM 
Suddenly 6jib.. and 6 year debut.. how time flies…^^ [something about the Lord] Mother, father, sister, I love you!! 
Kangta hyung who always appears as a role model. Minjong hyung who is raising, Boneunim (BoA) who needs a lover, Yunho hyung who is still becoming my goal, Changminah you are mine, no matter how it is, our minho always looks like Jung Yunho-line. (CNBLUE) Jonghyunnie who suddenly starts to act in drama kk, my dongsaeng Qiannie, the KYU-line wannabe Taeminnie (Taeminnie who wants to join KYU-line), kindhearted Junmyeonnie (Suho) it starts from now on, the cool hoobaes SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO! The one who suddenly become my best friend Jaebummie, changed after being famous Huhgak hyung, the one who I lost contact with G.O. (who doesn’t contact me)
Lastly, the nest that I love, Super Junior: 30 year old Jungsoo hyung, Heenim, the much missed Hankyungie hyung, Yesung hyung, the returned Kangin hyung, Dongguri Dongdong, King Sungmin, armpit Hyuk, our Donghae, Bossman Choi, Ryeonggu, Kibummie, Henry, Zhoumi hyung, E.L.F. that show us miracles, we will always be together. As always, thank you and I love you

trans by: yeoshinim


Aku belum nemuin 'Thanks To' -nya Shindong oppa nih, masih dalam proses pencarian (halah, bahasanya..) mudah-mudahan cepet dapet deh. Gonna postit as soon as possible! ^^

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