Jumat, 16 September 2011


Hei, i have my favourite colour
It's called Sapphire Blue
so beautiful and warm

then, i have my lucky number


And now i will tell you the reason why i love them...

Yeah, it's so simple
because this is my world 
and my world can't be apart with my boys

It's mine.
And then,
what's yours??

6 komentar:

sevsakans mengatakan...

uwaaaah kerennyaaa.. panggung penuh dengan sapphire blue-nya sukses membuat ane berdecak kagum..

_kyunnie_ mengatakan...

iya jeung, ini slh 1 sindrom pgn nntn SS4, hahaha. tp emg panggungny luas bgt yak, mewah ^__^

moyzhae mengatakan...

hahahhahaa..it's mine too ^^ 86's line EunHAe

_kyunnie_ mengatakan...

mine is the one and only 88 line, ki~yu ^^

Rayzieyah's Zone mengatakan...

Bersiap2lah hai chingudeul. Qt akan menjadi bagian dari lautan sapphire blue ^^

_kyunnie_ mengatakan...

Amiiiiiiiin \(^0^)/