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Cast  : Heechul and Leeteuk

Summary :
It's setted in Super Junior's Dorm, September 1st 2011. Super Junior members just dropped Heechul to the army, and before they go to the next schedule Leeteuk comes to Heechul's room. He feels so sad thinking that Heechul's room will be empty for 2 years, and suddenly he finds a letter that Heechul wrote for him..

Ya! Leader-ssi, annyeong!
I'm sure you will be shocked when you find my letter on the table of my room. Yeah, i know that you will come to my room after dropping me today. Am i right? Kekeke~

Actually there’re so many things i want to share with you, but as you know, i’m not a kind of person who will express his feeling easily. What should i do, i’m the Space Big Star Kim Heechul!

Leeteuk-ssi, well, no.. Hyeong, i know that my decision to the enlistment in this time is not wise.You must be very busy to handle overlapping sechedule’s of Super Junior’s Promotion Tour, but you know that this is not my sudden decision. Last year when we dropped Kangin, i already knew that this year is my turn. Some peoples may think i’m selfish, knowing that i don’t even want to delay my enlistment just a little time. You know why? I think it won’t be nice if we both leave them (other members) in the same time. After Hankyung and Kangin left how come we just left them too? I know they all are already adult, our Yesung will treat  them well, but this is our duty as the eldest brothers to take care our younger brothers. So, when your turn to go next year, Kangin will back already, and two years from now i will also be back here. Two years are not too long, right? We must understand the ELF’s feelings too. They always give so much love for us, and they will wait for us too. Without ELF we’re nothing. Yeah, i know you already know about it. Our leader is the best! Daebak! Kekeke ~

Hyeong, i never tell u about it before. Even when i wrote this letter i doubt to tell you about it. You know, actually i’m so thankful to you. Maybe i can’t act like our Ryeowookie and other members who will come, and lean their head on your shoulder. I must be very strong, right? i have to be a cool hyeong and show  them how to be strong. I have eleven younger brothers that i have to keep. For the first time, it was not easy to unify many characters, but i realized that your task is harder. You have twelve younger brothers and you must be fair to all of us. Yeah, maybe sometimes i’m so selfish, when Hankyung left i isolated myself eventhough i knew you guys were also sad. In that time i felt so guilty, and i decided that i don’t want to lose someone else. So i tried hard to be better. Did i do it well? Kekekeke~

Hyeong, sometimes i feel very envious of our dongsaengs, they are so lucky because they have good looking hyeongs like us, kekeke~ When i saw their sleeping-faces, i feel so fragile. This farewell are so hard. Many times i told u that two years would not be too long, actually it’s also my way to strengthen myself. Hyeong, please take care of them. And you.. you are my only hyeong, we have been through the long years together. I love u, i love all of u. We are Super Junior no matter how old we will be. Kekeke!

I’ll go. I will not ask u to wait for me, because i know that all of u will never leave me. And me, Space Big Star Kim Heechul, promise that i will never change my heart. Let’s be together forever!

Aah, lagi2 ngerepotin Jeung Septy
pagi-pagi (waktu Belanda) udah nyodorin dia
fanfic buat di cek translate-annya, hihihi
gumawo Septy ssi, u're so daebak! kkkk~

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