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[fanfiction] A Chance Encounter

Fanfic yang satu ini dibuat oleh salah satu temen ELF dari Wisconsin, North America ; @hallelovesmusic. Pertama baca fanfic ini aku langsung senyam-senyum sendiri, soalnya kalo beneran kejadian kayak di fanfic  bisa-bisa aku pingsan ditempat gara-gara ketemu Kyuhyun, hohoho^^

Well, ini fanficnya..
Inget, ini cuma fanfiction loh ya, don't bash, don't feel offended^^

Title : A Chance Encounter
Cast : Cho Kyuhyun 

You’re in Seoul on your way back to the hotel when it starts raining. Great. That’s just what you need now. You were in no rush to get back before, but the rain keeps getting harder, making getting back a bigger priority. You’re basically soaked. You mentally scold yourself, saying that you should have grabbed that umbrella before you left.
You continue down the street that your hotel’s on when you suddenly slip on the wet pavement. As you start to fall, you feel someone catch you. You don’t see who it is, but because you don’t feel like you’re getting rained on, you can tell this person is using an umbrella.
“Are you okay?” You hear his deep voice ask you. You recognize that voice. You look at the person who stopped your fall and see Cho Kyuhyun, your favorite member of Super Junior, holding you and asking if you’re alright. You’re very surprised.
“Are you okay?” Kyuhyun asks again. You nod shyly, earning a slight smile from him.
“That’s good.” Kyuhyun says. “What’s your name?”
“Y-Yunie…” You answer.
“Yunie, you’re soaking wet!” Kyuhyun says. “Let’s go inside and get you dried off.”
“W-what?” You say before Kyuhyun pulls you into the nearest café. He has you sit down at a table and goes to the counter. You see him come back with a few towels.
“Here you go.” Kyuhyun says “We can stay here for a little bit. Can I get you anything?”
The next half hour or so involved you and Kyuhyun just talking in the café as you dried off.  At first, you were nervous, since it was Kyuhyun of all people you were talking to, but as time went on, you became more comfortable with it. Kyuhyun was so nice to you and you felt really happy with him.
You were having a great time with him. Then you saw the time. You had to be back soon.
You start to stand up. “I-I’m sorry, but I have to be back at my hotel soon…”
“I’ll walk you back.” Kyuhyun says. “It’s still raining, you know.”
You were about to say something in protest, but Kyuhyun apparently wasn’t giving you a choice. He grabs his umbrella and leads you outside.
“Lead the way.” He smiles sweetly. “I don’t want you slipping again, Yunie.”
You find yourself blushing slightly as you start to lead him towards the hotel you were staying at. He made sure you didn’t slip again as you headed down the street and eventually reached the hotel. The two of you go inside the lobby.
“Thank you for helping me.” You say. “You didn’t have to.”
Kyuhyun smiles and chuckles a little bit. “You’re welcome, Yunie. And I didn’t want to let a nice, cute girl like you get hurt by slipping or something.”
You were a bit surprised. Did Kyuhyun just call you cute? Before you could say anything, Kyuhyun quickly kissed your cheek. You look at him, surprised. He then smiles his cute, embarrassed smile that you liked a lot.
“Well…” Kyuhyun says. “I’m pretty sure the others are probably going to be wondering where I am pretty soon, so I should go. I’ll see you again, hopefully?”
You smile shyly. “Yes, hopefully.”
Kyuhyun smiles just before he leaves. You continue to stand there and try to make sense of what just happened. The evil magnae had somehow managed to kiss your cheek when you weren’t expecting it. You chuckled a little bit. You had the feeling you were going to see him again pretty soon.

Hale, thank u very much to made it for me, 
u know how i adore Cho Kyuhyun so much!
I must be lucky because i have a good friend like u! 

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sevsakans mengatakan...

Gyaa kalo ini bener-bener terjadi, ane yakin ente pasti kejang-kejang Jeung.. hihihi

Gyaa if this is for real, I'm sure Yunie'll go crazy.. hihihi..

kyunnie ^___^ mengatakan...

hahaha, itu pasti, jeung!
klo bnrn ktmu Kyu, apalagi smpe ditolongin kyk gt bs2 aq pingsan dtmpt!!! hahaha...

Rayzieyah's Zone mengatakan...

Septy ssi : bkn kejang2 lg, dy bakalan salto smpe 8 meter kalo i2 beneran trjadi.hihihi

yun: Chukae, asik euy dibikini FF sm tmn ELF. tmnmu sungguh mengagumkan :)

sevsakans mengatakan...

hey Ossy-ssi, aku lebih milih Kyuhyun daripada Siwon wek :p

Tapi masi labil ni, jadi ELF apa enggak ya? :D

kyunnie ^___^ mengatakan...

ocy-ssi: hihihi, sy jg lgsg dance ala GEE saking bahagianya!! hohoho...
iya, aq jg g nyangka si Hale bkl buatin drq ff bnrn! hohoho..

Cep: jd ELF sj, hayoo..nnti tmbh bnyk tmn, bnyk sista, sm2 qt mendukung para oppa! g nyesel deh ngidolain mereka, udh ganteng, lucu, multitalented jg!! hohoho..

btw kalian brdua blm slg follow di twitter y? prsaan br di fb sj, hayooo..tnjkkn kekompakan qt! hihihi