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[fanfiction] MAGNAE

Cast : Super Junior all members (without Kangin, Kibum, Hankyung)
Cameo : Shinee all members

With a little bit hurry, Kyuhyun is combing his hair. In that morning, our evil Magnae feels very excited because all the member of Super Junior are in a holiday. Although sometimes he looks having no attention and only likes to tease their hyeong (a Korean word for elder brothers), Kyuhyun actually waits the moments in the holiday like this, when the 13 of them, uhm, now it’s 10 of them, gather to play together or to do nothing in the dorm all day. Yeah, at that time, Siwon has been in the dorm since the previous night. He slept in the Heechul’s room.
Kyuhyun has thought before that in the morning after breakfast he wants to have a battle starcraft with Heechul and Donghae, he doesn’t seem patient to see the lose faces of his hyeongs when he wins the game, hahaha. He also plans to sleep in Leeteuk’s room this noon while crushing Eunhyuk’s laptop. He will do that in purpose, because he knows that Eunhyuk will be very upset after knowing that somebody uses the laptop, yeah, Eunhyuk’s laptop is known having a lot of yadong video (yadong video = xxx video) hahaha. Yeah, Kyuhyun has arranged today’s plan cleanly, starting from having a narcissistic photo taking with Sungmin and Ryeowook, helping Yesung to clean the Ddangkoma’s cage (sometimes the magnae can be a kind-hearted too), snacking while watching cartoon with Shindong, sharing with Siwon, in a short sentence, Kyuhyun’s today’s schedule is so full. As the youngest member, he do like the other members give much attention to him!
 “Kyuhyun-ah, are you awake? Let’s eat the breakfast…” said Ryeowook after seeing Kyuhyun comes to the kitchen. Kyuhyun looks around, on the dining table, there are only Ryeowook, Shindong, Yesung, and Donghae.
 “Where are the others, Hyeong??” Kyuhyun asks Yesung while drinking his hot milk.
 “Heechul hyeong hasn’t been awaken, Siwon is taking a bath, Sungmin goes with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hyeong to the Shinee’s dorm..”
 “Shinee’s dorm? So early? What are they doing, Hyeong?” Kyuhyun asks his hyeongs again.
 “Picking up Taemin,” Shindong answers calmly. “Actually, Shinee has a show in Busan today, but suddenly Taemin gets sick. The bad news is that his parents are not in the town, so Leeteuk hyeong wants to bring him here. It’s not good to leave Taemin alone in his dorm…”
 “What??! Why does Hyeong invites a sick person?? Aiish…we nearly don’t have this kind of free time to play together!?” Kyuhyun feels upset.
 “Umm, I do think so. But we already know how’s Leeteuk hyeong, his social awareness is very high…” Donghae mutters while stirring the porridge in front of him with a lazy expression.
 “Ya, dongsaenghedul! What’s wrong with you, guys? What’s wrong bringing Taemin here? He’s also your dongsaeng!” Yesung shouts sharply while staring with mad expression at Kyuhyun and Donghae who are looked so upset.
Well, that’s true. What Yesung has said is true. That won’t be bad to invite and to care Taemin, because that youngest member of Shinee is also their dongsaeng. However, Kyuhyun is magnae, Ryeowook is also wanted to be called an eternal magnae and Donghae also wants to be a magnae, feels that Taemin’s arrival in the holiday that they already wait from a long time is really a bad news. They already know that all of their hyeongs will only look at Taemin. They are worried if their hyeongs will not care of them anymore. Aiish… how if pretending to be sick, like what he often do before? Kyuhyun has so many ideas in his head. But he realizes that he is looked so healthy since the last night. If he suddenly says that he is sick without any reason, he already predicts that Heechul will only smirking at him and throwing him with pillows and that super bitter medicine.
 “We are home…” the dorm’s door is opened. Eunhyuk comes in to the dorm, followed by Sungmin and Leeteuk who support Taemin who is looked so pale to walk.
 “Kyuhyun-ah, go and get the mattress from the sleeping room, and put it in front of the tv.” Leeteuk commands, “Wookie, prepare a cup of porridge for Taemin’s breakfast, and you, Donghae, try to call the doctor…”
As what they have predicted before, they will be commanded directly after their hyeongs arrives!
 “Taemin-ah, gwaenchana??” Heechul who already comes from his room asks with full of worry.
 “I’m OK, don’t worry, Hyeong…I’m only a little bit exhausted.” Taemin answers slowly.
The next things that happen in the dorm are just like what Kyuhyun has predicted before, all of the hyeongs only care about Taemin! Leeteuk always asks whether Taemin gets better, Heechul who are lying while updating his twitter account also stays close to Taemin, Shindong kindly gives all of his snacks that he gets from his fans to cherish Taemin (in fact, when Eunhyuk wants to eat some of Shindong’s snacks, Shindong will think twice before giving his snacks to Eunhyuk! Hahaha), moreover, Sungmin hyeong who is very a kind-hearted person looks carefully at Taemin, worries like the patient in front of him has already reached the last stadium of the illness, and also, Wookie the traitor seems very busy to make a ginseng drink for Taemin! Grgrgrgrrrr…
 “Hyeong, give it to me…I also want to play the game, but I forget to bring my PSP!” The despicable Taemin (ups, sorry Shawal, it’s just a fanfic, hihihi) shouts while tugging Kyuhyun’s hand who sits in front of him.
 “Ya!!! You’re still sick, you can’t play the game!!!” Kyuhyun shouts annoyed.
 “But I’m bored, hyeong…I also want to play…” Taemin forces again.
 “Aniyo, it’s still in the most excited stage of the game!” Kyuhyun refuses harshly.
 “Heii, evil magnae! Give the game to Taemin!” Donghae shouts from the corner of the room.
Kyuhyun is surprised to hear Donghae’s shout, the one who clearly refuses the hoobae from Shinee. Kyuhyun looks at his hyeong with do-you-have-changed-to-be-Taemin’s-babysitter’s eyes which is directly answered by Donghae with give-it-up-I-already-tired-to-hear-that’s eyes. Finally, surrounded by his madness, Khuhyun lends his PSP to Taemin, because Heechul also calls him to go downstairs, to Shinee’s dorm, to get Taemin PSP, in case Kyuhyun still doesn’t want to lend his to Taemin. Huhuhu…Whatta day!!
Around 6 pm in the afternoon, Onew, Key, Minho, and Jonghyun along with their manager, come to pick up Taemin. They thank to SuJu Sunbaenim who already take care their youngest brother who is sick. Onew smiles happily while giving some fresh fruits as a thank you as well as souvenir from Busan. After having laughing and having a little chat, they go back to their dorm..
After all of the Shinee’s members and their manager goes, Ryeowook directly consults to Sungmin, discussing what they’re going to eat in that night. In the other hand, Yesung directly goes to his room, Eunhyuk and Dongseng quickly get their favorite tv channel, Siwon talks in the telephone, and Shindong quickly eats the fresh fruits from Shinee. Leeteuk nudges Heechul’s arm when he sees Kyuhyun stands madly in front of the window. Yeah, all of the plans that Kyuhyun has arranged before are messed up. Because he can’t have the battle game today, Kyuhyun sits alone in his room without anyone pays attention to him.
 “Ya, magnae…what’s wrong with you this all day?!” Heechul asks, interrogating.
 “Nothing, hyeong…Just continue your work, don’t mind me…” Kyuhyun answers slowly without changing his position.
Leeteuk, who already knows all of his younger brother’s characters, directly understands. He keeps giggling. He knows that their beloved magnae feels envious. Although Kyuhyun has already grown up, he still wants his hyeongs to care only for him, he feels jealous to Taemin who are cared all this day, whether he is not given any attention from his hyeongs.
 “Ya, dongsaengdeul…Don’t make yourself tired of cooking. We are going to eat outside tonight!” Leeteuk’s shout immediately gets the attentions of all members.
 “Yes!!” Eunhyuk and Donghae are having high-five.
Ryeowook is a little bit disappointed because he already plans to cook something, but he directly smiles happily, realizing that he can eat anything he wants.
 “But…Leeteuk hyeong will treat us, won’t he?” Siwon and Heechul ask with a bit worry, considering that they’ll lose their money if they’ll pay the meals by their own (hihihi).
 “Don’t worry. I will treat you all. You can eat anything you want!” Leeteuk assures them. He glances at Kyuhyun who are forced by Sungmin to go together. Although Kyuhyun’s face is looked a bit bright, the evil magnae still keeps his image. He feels bad to have a bright face after he had a boring face all day. In some minutes later, the 10 of them already gather in a large table in a restaurant. They are looked busy reserving some meals, laughing, joking, and finally, when the food comes, Leeteuk and Heechul give the largest meat for Kyuhyun.
 “Eat this, Kyuhyun-ah… Don’t be upset again…!” Leeteuk says ticklish seeing Kyuhyun who are laughing but looked shy.
 “Aigoooo… It seems that our magnae will still be spoiled!” Heechul shouts, followed by the laugh of all the members. Ups, not all of the members. In the corner, Ryeowook and Donghae are upset, stirring the rice and the meals in their plates!

Note :
Big thanks to jeung @septyukans
yang udah bantu translate ke bahasa Inggris.
Gumawoyo ^^

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